Why You Need a Responsive Website

Many business owners think that making a beautifully designed website is all it takes to draw attention to their business. But that’s not necessarily true. Responsive websites not only draw [...]

Brand Marketing Vs. Performance Marketing

Your marketing strategy is the bread and butter of your business. Good marketing can elevate a company and increase sales exponentially. Bad marketing can completely tank an organization. It’s an [...]

New Member of the Year

Last night we won Gardendale Chamber New Member of the Year. This is important to us for many reasons but the main reason is we love being invested in the city we live in. At the banquet last [...]

Our Brand and Business are changing

When we started dotedison the goal was to be a technology company first and marketing second. The logo even conveyed this as our motto was “Your Business > Innovation > [...]

5 Marketing trends you need to know about

We all saw digital marketing and social media boom last year. From Facebook debuting Facebook live to marketers honing in on the power of social media advertising, we all tweaked our marketing [...]

One marketing secret all brands leverage

Empathy is perhaps the most sought after trait in quality digital marketing. Why? Because it works every time — if done right. So, how does empathy present itself in the digital marketing [...]