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Square One - Bama Auto Glass

This client had utilized the "industry expert" for auto glass service companies for his website. In marketing the "industry expert" can often mean the "template company that is cheaper for a reason". The owner is a hard worker who has built a great company from his own two hands. The service and expertise provided were not displayed in his marketing on any level. The best marketing asset he had was the wraps on his vehicles. From the wraps to the website to promotional items the logo was inconsistent he needed help.


Marketing Assets Before


Develop a plan and execute it well.

The branding needed to stay close to the assets he had (vehicle wraps) but be updated. We had a total of 4 different logos we needed to pull into a single brand. Then we needed to approach getting ads running, promotional items purchased and his phone ringing. At the end, we accomplished all of our goals and have helped his business keep a full schedule of work. He has even grown enough to start a second business!

"Hey Best Team Ever: Whatever you are doing is working. I’m booked solid Monday. I haven’t been booked on a Monday in a long time. We’ve had some record days in the last few days and this is our slow season. Keep up the good work. We’re starting to book 2 days ahead. Haven’t done that,  Like ever."

- Chirs Cassidy | Owner of Bama Auto Glass

Marketing Assets After


Our model is to become part of each client's team. We are an extension of their business. Visually the impact for Bama Auto Glass was not huge, but giving the right identity to an already awesome business is a credit to our team's strategy, research, and creativity. In just 6 months you can see they have gotten a massive return on their investment with our team.








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New Business


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