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Square One - JMOR Financial Services

Our first meeting with JMor Finacial Services was awesome. They had an excellent service that could help a multitude of businesses. The issue was the brand did not convey the message of what they could do and how they could help. When asked how they determined the brand they were honest and said: "our lawyer branded us when he inked up our business".  After a few meetings, we knew they were key to businesses unlocking the capital they needed to succeed and so JMor Finacial Services turned into Key Capital!


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Key Capital (Mailchimp)

Develop a plan and execute it well.

The brand change for them was powerful but the next steps were even greater. The monthly visibility, combined with newsletters to the right audience produced simply put results. It was the right message to the right people at the right time. When you add this on top of honest business with a single focus to help businesses it was nothing short of a home run!.

Marketing assets we have now


Our model is to become part of each client's team. We are an extension of their business. Visually the impact for Key Capital was huge, but giving the right identity to an already awesome business is a credit to our team's strategy, research, and creativity. In just 2 months you can see they have gotten a massive return on their investment with our team.







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