Smoke Rise Childcare

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Square One - Smoke Rise Childcare & Preschool

An amazing childcare service and staff with no brand, a single page on a church website and a Facebook page. The daily work that was getting done was impressive but taking on marketing would have taken away from their passion, to love each child and family. Although there was a great word a mouth, they needed a brand, a website, and all the marketing assets to build around the A+ service they had built over the years.


Marketing Assets Before

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Develop a plan and execute it well.

Their brand needed to tie back to the church. It needed to pull in the target audience of families. It needed to be seen more than just on the website but also in localization, socially and on print material that would be handed out. The website would be built around pictures of loving staff and kids. This standout childcare got what it has always deserved a brand and marketing assets that would last.

Marketing Assets After


Our model is to become part of each client's team. We are an extension of their business. Visually the impact for Smoke Rise Childcare was huge, but giving the right identity to an already awesome business is a credit to our team's strategy, research, and creativity. In just 4 months you can see they have gotten a massive return on their investment with our team.







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