Our Team

Our combination of experience, creativity, and culture yields strong client relationships and positive business results. We provide a personal touch as we become an extension of your business.
  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison CFO + President
  • Emily Foster
    Emily Foster Account Manager
  • John Mark Houchins
    John Mark Houchins Graphic Designer
  • Morgan Sanders
    Morgan Sanders Content Analyst
  • Jason Hamer
    Jason Hamer COO + Founder
  • Rebekah Barnett
    Rebekah Barnett Copywriter
  • Tim Busbee
    Tim Busbee CTO + Partner
  • Logan Coffey
    Logan Coffey Marketing Associate
  • Jonathan Walls
    Jonathan Walls Developer
  • Wilson Lloyd
    Wilson Lloyd Office Assistant
  • Bot Edison
    Bot Edison Automation
  • “Time is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose…”

    -Thomas Edison

Contact Us, We’ll Do the Rest.

1712 Decatur Hwy Ste#101
Birmingham, Al 35068


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