If engaging with your followers during the holidays is stressful
for you, can you imagine the amount of pressure Santa is under? While it may
feel like your business is getting lost somewhere between the flurry of pumpkin
spice latte selfies and Christmas tree farms, don’t lose hope. We’ve got some practical
suggestions for how to promote your business and engage followers during the

1. Have a social media contest

Encourage followers to interact with your brand by having a
contest! Have your followers post selfies with your product/service, perhaps tagged
with a specific hashtag. The coolest photo, decided by your team or by people’s
choice vote, gets a free product or service.

Why it works: When you get your followers to help promote your business
during the holidays via social media, you are making them advertising agents.
This, in turn, broadens your reach and expands your customer base without you
having to expend advertising money! You’re down for that, right?

2. Give them a gift

Engage your followers by offering them a percentage off via
social media or have a giveaway where followers tag friends for entries to win.

Why it works: Giveaways and discount codes are nothing new, but there’s a
reason big brands offer specials around the holidays. If you can get your
followers to shop for a free or discounted gift on your website or in your
store, it’s more likely they will come back to you in the future!

3. Be genuine

Your followers do not want to see fake, gimmicky posts
during the holidays. They want to see heart-warming, real posts that show a
glimpse behind the scenes of your brand. Take every chance you can to be genuine,
to give them a “backstage pass.”

Why it works: Being genuine makes your brand more personal and makes
your followers feel more connected to you. When you take the extra time
to show you care about your followers, they typically return the favor by
sharing your posts, buying your product, or taking advantage of your service.

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